Our hostel is big on entertaining.
We have an inhouse events manager who makes sure there is always something to do each day and night.

Activities & Events

Lawrence Apartments offers a large variety of activities & events. Most activities are free of charge and some are not. Please keep in mind some activities are pending on weather.

Party Boat, Water Park, Water Sports, Hamam, Hawaiian Night, Greek Night, just to name a few.

There are many more events and activities that take place at the hostel daily.

Some additional events are:

Hawaiian night, Glow Madness, 5x5 Football, Paradise Beach, visit to a local winery, Basketball, Beach Volleyball tournament, EBS Kos Olympics, Greek night, and many more...

All our events & activities are posted in detail at the event board.

There is an event manager on site which will help keep you informed of everything happening daily.