How To Get Here


Kos International Airport (Airport code KGS)


There are two options when travelling between Kos airport and Lawrence Apartments.

- During the day, you can take the local bus to Kos center and from there a taxi to the hostel.
- At night, you must take a taxi directly.
Kos Airport is small, so it's hard to get lost. Most people will be going to Kos Town, therefore, it's easy to find people to share a taxi with if they want to save some money


The average price from Kos Airport to the hostel by taxi is 37-45€ and it takes about 20-30 minutes. You can also book your own transfer online with the taxi company. https://www.kostaxi.eu/

Bus and Taxi

The bus (http://www.ktel-kos.gr/site_en/) from the airport to Kos center is 3.40€. From here, you can take a taxi from Kos center to the hostel for 7€.


Sometimes it's hard to find cheap tickets to Kos since it's such a small airport, but they do have options.

Via Athens

By Air

https://en.aegeanair.com/ If charter flights are too expensive or not available, the option of flying to Athens is a good one. There are always additional flights connecting Athens to Kos (three times daily) Olympic Air or Aegean Air.

By Sea

https://www.bluestarferries.com/en/ Besides the airlines, there is also the local ferry which departs Piraeus harbor daily with destination to Kos. The trip lasts about 10 hours, and costs around 30-45€.

Via Rhodes

You can also check flights to Rhodes, sometimes they are cheaper and it´s close to Kos. The ferry from Rhodes to Kos takes 2-3 hours and a one-way ticket is around 20-30€ (the price can be cheaper or more expensive depending on season and company).


Another option is also to fly into Bodrum Turkey, take the local airport bus to the city center (ca. 60 min) for 10 (Turkish Lire), and then take the local boat from Bodrum harbor to Kos for around 20€.

For ALL EBS students:
(Please access your student account and fill in the following)
- Please remember to fill in the arrival section so we can give you the best welcome possible!
- Please make sure you fill in the emergency contact information.
- Please remember to have 100€ for your security deposit during check in (can be paid with credit card as well). This money will be returned at check out if your room is in order.
- Should you arrive earlier than the check in time on Saturday, feel free to come to the hostel where you can relax in our bar & restaurant area until your room is ready. (Hostel bar & Restaurant is open daily from 9:00am to 1:00am)
- If you arrive to Kos on Friday or even earlier, then please contact us to hear more about the option of staying with us day(s) in advance!